About us

The technological advances found Kalogirou family ready to respond to the demand, producing new forms and designs. Embracing the Greek culture and tradition of making church candles, today the factory produces wedding candles, Christmas and Easter, decorative and aromatic with 100% non-toxic perfume.

Our purpose is customer satisfaction, which is why the raw materials that we use come from the largest oil refineries in Europe, following the strictest standards. This provides our products high quality and much longer life! We assure you that the quality and the technology, along with the innovation and creativity involved, produce only the best European candles.

You can admire our products in our facilities. There, you can distinguish yourselves the excellence in quality and craftsmanship. With your respond we hand you the best products and we promise, that your private moments and dreams will be more romantic and brighter than ever!

Our candles are made of the top quality raw materials. Environment friendly products and handmade decorations. The candles are made of 100% full refined Paraffin waxes of hydrogenation quality, which accord with the RAL quality mark criteria specified for candles.

The 100% non-toxic candle wick, perfumes, lacquer and colors, are also made of the highest quality raw materials from the world’s top market manufacturer leaders.

Certified by Sasol Wax GmbH.

Recommendation of the BFR ( German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment ) XXV. Hardparaffins, Microcrystalline waxes and Mixtures thereof with waxes resins and plastics ( as of 01.02.2005 )

All the best, The Kalogirou Candles Team